Gianmarco Lampignano

Gianmarco Lampignano received his Instructor certification from the Neigong School of Taijiquan, the branch of the Oriental Health Academy that is occupied with Taijiquan and Qigong. He started his career in martial arts at the age of 5 with the study of Karate, continuing without interruption to experiment and delve profoundly into various disciplines (both martial and not), bringing him in the end to Taijiquan, which he has practiced and studied for over 14 years.Thanks to his formal studies (high school diploma and the first years at the Politecnico University), his working career and his passion for music (in the majority of its various manifestations and expressions), Gianmarco has a principally scientific approach, oriented in particular towards the intrinsic applications and correlations (especially psycho-philosophical) linking Taijiquan and the previously mentioned activities, including their varied effects in daily life.

Gianmarco’s approach has allowed him to be of great assistance in various phases of experimentation with the fundamental principles of Taijiquan, by his clear explanations of force vectors, kinetic forces and other rules of physics present in the movements and applications of Taijiquan.