Master Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis is President and Technical Director of the Oriental Health Academy in Milan, Italy and the creator of a pioneering, system based study method for learning and teaching Qigong and Taijiquan. This study method was developed to help students of all levels and styles (including teachers) to experience the various internal aspects of Taijiquan and Qigong. It utilizes detailed innovative exercises which have been fine tuned over a number of years and are now used by teachers of Qigong and Taijiquan schools of different styles in Italy.

While this new study method concentrates on attaining internal perceptions through physical exercises, it also incorporates theoretical studies based on Master Ellis’ years of research in Chinese culture and philosophy, including his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These insights permeate all of his courses, seminars and workshops.

Richard Ellis studied both Acupuncture and Tuina at a Traditional Chinese Medicine institute affiliated with the University of Nanjing, from which he received his certification. During his clinical practice he assisted Dr. Gordon Xu in over 600 hours of consultations and treatments. For those familiar with Dr. Xu’s severity in training, the best testimonial he gave to Master Ellis’ preparation and achievements in Tuina is that he considers him his own therapist!

Richard has been privileged to receive training and guidance by Masters of two important schools of Qigong: Dr. Xu Guo Rong for Longmen Qigong and Master Sun Junqing for Wubaomen Qigong, both of whom authorized him to teach their styles. Qigong is based on restoring, maintaining and improving the free flow of Qi and Blood in the body and is also an effective tool for acupuncturists in the quest to remove stagnation in the circulation of Qi and Blood.

Over the years, he has lectured at an International Medical Convention in Italy, at the 2021 World Congress on Qigong and the Fifth World Integrative Medicine Conference.

During over 50 years of martial arts training and over 40 years of studying Taijiquan, Master Ellis has had the fortune of training with a number of high level Chinese Taijiquan masters including, among others, Cao Wei Min (Chinese Gold Champion, and coach of the Chinese and Japanese National Teams), He Bin Quan (the only non Chen family member listed in the Chen family book), and Wang Hao Da (disciple of Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang). He is presently following 85 year old Master Li Liqun (another disciple of Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang) of Shanghai’s teachings in Wu Style Tui Shou, although Master Ellis’s main emphasis remains Yang Style.

Among his Taijiquan certifications, Master Ellis received diplomas as an Instructor from both the  PWKA (Professional Wushu Kungfu Association) and the Federazione Italiana Wushu (Italian Wushu Federation), Master certification from the PWKA (Professional Wushu Kungfu Association) and International Master certification from the IMAF (International Martial Arts Federation) in Spain.

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