Wubaomen Qigong

Wubaomen Qigong (Wudang Qigong for maintaining and recovering health and healing) is a form of Qigong created by Master Sun Haiyun, 18th generation of the Longmen Qigong school (Dragon Gate Qigong).

As the name itself suggests, Wubaomen Qigong is a style from the Wudang mountains in China. Master Sun Haiyun’s second son, Master Sun Junqing, is 19th generation of the Longmen Qigong school and 2nd generation of the Wubaomen Qigong school. Master Sun Junqing was born in Shanghai and lived and taught for a number of years in Japan and Spain. He also held seminars on Wubaomen Qigong for a number of years at the Nurses School of the Istituto dei Tumori in Milan.

Having as its goal the recovery and maintaining of health, Wubaomen Qigong uses easy movements coordinated with breathing, starting at the head and reaching the feet passing through the entire body. In this way, it is possible to unblock the various tensions that we tend to carry around in our bodies in everyday life, allowing for a freer circulation of Qi and blood. Furthermore, an improved perception of this circulation arrives with practice.

Since the free circulation of Qi and blood is considered crucial for a state of good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is easy to understand why Qigong aims at improving this circulation. At the same time, the mind also has the advantage of increased tranquility and serenity, adding to the positive effects of Qigong.